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The Craziest Beauty Trends of AW’19

The Most Curious Beauty Trends to Implement in Autumn 2019


Chic, gloss and an incredible amount of glitter – this is a slogan of most makeup artists at the backstage during past AW’19 fashion weeks. The beautiful makeup you can easily repeat in real life was shown by Peter Philips at Dries Van Noten – he scattered a silver glitter on the eyelids in a smokey-eye manner. Vivienne Westwood models flapped their long silver-plated lushes, meanwhile, at Byblos, they had the short ones. Isamaya Ffrench, one of the famous makeup artist at this moment, who applied makeup on Halpern models, came up with a relatively laconic idea: she covered the upper eyelid with a shiny foil.

Hair Interweaving

Hannah Montana cult and the ’00 are coming back, otherwise it’s impossible to explain why hairstylists made models’ hair burst out of the abundance of the rhinestones hanging on fishing line. Find your best inspiration either from Area with the rhinestones all over the hair length, or from Art School with a number of feathers, or from Facetasm with small bow-knots, or from Vetements with beads. Feel free to experiment – who knows, perhaps you will become the next trendsetter among your friend group.

Short bang

You can call it a baby-bang, or whatever you want, but the fact remains the same – this bang is gaining momentum, and was noticed in almost every twentieth show. Should I mention that this kind of bang was approved by Emma Watson at last Vanity Fair Oscar Afterparty, Alison Sudol, Emma Roberts, Bell Hadid, Krysten Ritter and many other celebs? Don’t be afraid to look silly – it’s an ultimate trend now – but, please, I beg you, go to your trusted hairstylist.


It’s not a secret everyone use wigs, especially celebrity hairstylist when they immediately need to highlight their famous client’s look without changing it drastically. Designers aren’t satisfied enough with the potential of natural hair too – that’s why we could see at least ten shows where models wore neon wigs, sometimes frankly crazy and weird. One of the most popular hairstylist, Guido Palau, created Wednesday Adams inspired waist-length braids; meanwhile, Moschino and Ashish decided to impress public with a hypertrophied, the ’70s styled volumed up hair mess. Warning: in order not to look like a girl who escaped from the cosplay party, try to begin with a natural style wig or a fake bang that will refresh your daily look with just the click.

Monocrome shades

Lilac, fuchsia, white, black, orange, multicolour – the matte shadow is migrating from lips to cheekbones and eyelids. It seems like we finally found the new way of applying an exemplary smokey-eye: now you don’t need to strive with meticulous tinting of mucous, eyelid crease and even lashes – everything you need is just to apply a small number of shadows on the fingertip and smudge it all over the lid. Done. You’re beautiful.

Raphael Santi’s waves

Waves are always a good idea. Making your look seem crisp and innocent, waves and curls are the most loved styling for every type of hair. Horizontal waves carry us to memories of Raphael and Botticelli paintings where their heroines represented the purity and youths with just their airy looks. The side parting like from Michael Kors, or a classical centre one such as Bora Aksu, Mugler, Moon Young Hee, Eudon Choi and 404 Studio – the experiments are endless.

Forehead patterns

In order to be beautiful and trendy you need to use every space of your face being adorned (it’s a joke, don’t take it too seriously). Anyway, even your forehead can be used as an experimental field where the fantasy may burst out its potential: style a bang with an elegant wave or try to lay out a crafty pattern. 2019 is all about adventures, experiments and boldness, a little splash of creativity never hurt anybody, but if you are on your way to sign an official business contract stay aside from this trend till your next night out.


When it comes to dramatic makeup, a theatre always was an ultimate source of infinite inspiration. The leader of the most astonishing and thrilling looks on the runway is Vivienne Westwood on a par with her fashion shows. LED-lashes (you can buy them on Amazon) happened to appear at Marine Serre, and it was kinda weird that no one from the greatest makeup artist paid attention to it. Erin Parsons, the principal Maybelline makeup artist, made her old dream to come true: all the models at GCDS walked down the runway with a plastic floral makeup that seemed to be grown up straight from the body cracks. Everyone has seen the Gucci’s rubber tears, but the similar hairstyle from Xander Zhou isn’t appreciated by social media yet.

Neat chaos

Japanese designers love complicated hairstyles, but this time there weren’t only them during fashion weeks who paid attention to it. Chaos appeared to be in any form and condition: with feathers, shaggy hat brim, variegated curls mixed with braids and bows. You can get something pretty similar, if every morning you will forget to brush you hair and sprinkle them with a generous amount of the hairspray. But I hope you won’t heed my pernicious advice.