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The Best 10 Bags of AW’19 Season

Find Yourself The Best Bag We Will Be Praying For This AW’19 Season

When it comes to accessories it’s easy to face a dilemma – what to choose. The range of forms, silhouettes, colours and variations is vast, and everything seems so beautiful, and accessories need to be suitable for an outfit and perfectly complement it. Street style rules require accessories to look splashy, defiantly and being able to strike the eye – a chance to get noticed by fashion photographers and style editors rises exponentially – it becomes an ultimate accent of the whole look. But the real life, especially when you need to attend your working office or university demand a more restrained approach and classic, laconic design. Let’s admit: coming to the official and important meeting with your business partners holding a popcorn bag styled handbag isn’t the best idea for those who want to impress surroundings from the first sight, and seem seriously and persuasively.

However, this Autumn/Winter ’19 season designers have endeavoured and won favour to anyone: either it’s a coquettish fashionista loving to stand out in a crowd with her astonishing looks, or a strict business lady, or an intellectual student-girl who puts comfort above design and luminous colours.

Scroll down to take a look at the selection of the best 10 bags that become a major trend of autumn/winter ’19 season, and choose your cherished one.






Maison Margiela


Salvatore Ferragamo