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The AW19 Major Trend

AW19 Fashion Weeks Gave Us New Major Trend We All Have Been Waiting For

This finally happened: ready-to-wear is back to the top displacing conceptualism and normcore that was ruling over past three years and already set the teeth on edge. According to what was presented during recently past Paris Fashion Week, we can make an official statement: the era of unwearable clothes has come to its end.

Was The Conceptual Clothes Bad?

I wouldn’t say that conceptual clothes was bad – no. It laid a foundation of new ideas, renewed trends of self-expression, displayed a contrasting image of sexuality where the exposure of different body parts wasn’t considered as a relevant criterion to be noticed and feel confident. Furthermore, it introduced us utterly brand-new names and granted a possibility to new fashion players to ascend the top of the glory and catch their lucky star. Whether is is necessary to mention the current Gucci creative director – Alessandro Michele, a humble and disruptive at the same time, who lifted it up to heaven from dying of swiftly falling sales and drowning in marsh of law fashion ratings? He turned babushka-style dresses, wide floral painted toruses, and shimmering like a disco ball sequinned suits into an object of desire and a symbol of the new generation. And what about Demna Gvasalia whose deconstructionism, a pile of layers and frankly reminding of a homeless’ outfits, shapeless jackets, garments styled of typical Moscow mods from the ’90s, and sneakers, bigger than the foot itself, has grown up into an authentic culture. It became a mass following phenomenon, a brand-new object of self-expression. Demna made a revolution, and Vetements and Balenciaga under his auspices became even more fascinating than the said Gucci.

This concept still successfully develops and doesn’t lose ground like John Galliano’s seamless silhouette dresses and suits that seem equal to men and women; like Rick Owens’ principled look at glamour sued with technical prowess and social contest that’s both smashing on the catwalk and real life into one power blend.

What We Should Expect From a New Trend?

Era of the wearable clothes is coming, but it won’t lose its concept as many could probably think. It’s just means that people on the street won’t turn their head back trying to understand what the hell is worn on you: dress or a coat, perhaps – both, or if it’s just a coat – why did you cover yourself with one more layer of an oversized puffed toe-length jacket? Time when different trends were combined together in one look and seemed aesthetically pleasing (for a special circle of fashion types) has already passed. Now you don’t need to put on all at once to be assumed as the most fashionable around – it’s enough to frame one unique piece of the ensemble in order to drive others crazy with your particular taste and prove your affiliation to fashion world. An updated idea of simplicity that isn’t deprived its brilliance and charm, becomes an ultimate topic of designer’s reflection – and we don’t really mind to observe its developing. Do we?