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Kiss, Marry, Kill: SS’19 Trends

Which Spring-Summer 2019 Trends I Would Kiss, Marry or Kill

When it comes to trends, whether it’s related to fashion, subcultures and street movements, food, digital, design, and more – trust me, there are lots of them, you can’t even count – it needs to be considered individually. It’s impossible to dress up in garments that you categorically dislike, or don’t fit your shape and colour type, or you feel uncomfortable in, and what just affect a disgust, even your favourite Rihanna flaunted it out and about somewhere on the New York streets. Trends are just a reference point which helps us to navigate among the broad range of fashion flows and be in the know of what goes on in the style environment. There’s no need to follow them like sheep, even if Vogue states that this shiny encrusted with rhinestones corset unconditionally asks you to take place inside your wardrobe. No.

Your style is you, and only you create it; by implementing another fashion trend you just complements an everyday outfit forcing it to work for you, let you stand out in a crowd and stay on the crest of a stylish game. Easy right? My mom always said: «So, if others go jumping off the roof, will you go jumping with them too? No? Why? It’s a new trend.» Did you get the point?

Marc Jacobs

This spring-summer 2019 season is expected to celebrate the women empowerment, as many fashion houses – big and small – embraced feminism and equality. Their philosophy consisted of dressing up women to make them feel comfortable and powerful. There is zest: primarily it’s important to dress for yourself, to feel good and exceptional, to look feminine and admire your own self. And after that goes satisfaction of other fashion trends by your unique taste. Spring-summer delights us with comfortable tailoring, longer skirt length, mild colours, relaxed outerwear and fluid shapes.


And I decided to play a good old childhood game «Kiss, Marry, Kill» that is familiar – I suppose – almost to anyone. The rule is simple: a selection of people was presented to you and you had to decide which person you would kill, marry or kill. With the exception of this time, I will choose a bunch of the spring-summer 2019 trends.

The «kiss» trend is a trend I might implement into my fashion game as a short-term experiment (isn’t it entertaining to try something new sometimes in order to dilute a habitual wardrobe garment)? The «marry» one speaks for itself: this trend is 100% suitable for me what I will stand for till death tears us apart. And the «kill» – this is what I can’t even handle no matter how many fashion icons swear by it.



As a more classy style supporter, I would have never consider such a conspicuous colour palette as a part of my everyday style game. But tastes may vary, and sometimes it’s really essential to get out of your comfort zone. But I’d embrace this cyberpunk daunting palette in accessories and small highlighting pieces in order not to look like a creepy decorated Christmas tree.


Once, some years ago I was a huge fan of jumpsuits trying to add as much as possible into my wardrobe. Nowadays I’m already cold headed, it doesn’t delight me a lot, but when it comes to experiments I’m always ready to try. Strictly speaking, why not? The only cons are – perhaps, I’m not the only one with this kind of problem – it takes a century to put off while you try to… do your things in the toilet.

Extra accessories

I love accessories. No, seriously. I love it because it can transform every simple look into something completely different and outstanding in just a minute. Whether it’s a leopard pattern boots, silky printed scarf, or statement earrings that refresh and give an ultimate yet sophisticated look – it must be settled down in every fashionista’s closet this season. The bigger – the better, with peculiar shape or design – even much better, summer is created to stand out and look mesmerising. Note: try not overdo.



Beige is a new black, and I state for it with all my limbs raised. I prefer calm, monochrome colours with nothing extra in additional. Except red, but aren’t talking about it at this moment. Beige is a good base colour that fits absolutely everything, every body type and makes you look rich and sophisticated with just a one statement piece. But when you try to embrace a total beige look – oh my God – people will turn their heads towards you cause you will look fabulous.

Animal prints

When I was younger I considered animal printed clothes and accessories – especially leopard printed – as something vulgar and nasty. Perhaps, it was as it seems just because lots of women who I looked at couldn’t even style it properly without looking like a falling street girl. Being adult I got to learn how to make these prints work for me, and my love for animal pieces is unlimited and unshakable. You just need to find the right approach to it, grrrr…


The suit is always a good idea. Why? Because you can wear it everywhere depending on this occasion you are about to attend. Whether it’s an office, or university, or meeting some friends for a drink at the bar, or admiring art at the new gallery – it’s suitable for everything. The selection of accessories might change the way you look: choose sneakers to seem more mild and relaxed in the weekend, pair it with court shoes and a classic style handbag if it comes to impressing your boss with an astonishing look – the experimental field is broad, just pick your proper suit.


Oh my God, I pray for pearl accessories. Give me everything: earring, rings, bracelets, necklaces, headbands – I take everything! Because it’s so beautiful, feminine and delicate, I’d wear them all day long and always felt stunning.


Cycling Shorts and Ugly Sneakers

No. No way. Never. Don’t even ask me to put it on me at least once in my life because I will never do. I appreciate the out-of-gym look and sporty elements in everyday outfits, but this combination altogether makes me sick. I have never seen something more ugly than this kind of sneakers that ten size bigger than your own feet, and more outrageous than uncomfortably slinky shirts I’m ashamed to wear even with my long skinny legs. Mostly, they look impressive on Kardiashians, whilst I better step aside from this trend.

Sage green

The first reaction coming out when I see this colour is just: eww. I can’t explain why I feel this kind of anticipation towards not guilty of anything, refreshing and spring-spirited colour, but it makes me cringe. It’s just emotional, no logical explanation. I just leave here.


Being a loyal fan of the oversized clothing and puffy sleeves in order to seem more subtle and lovely, I inexplicably dislike the ’80 style’s strong and sharp shoulder shapes, high-shine metallic fabrics and glitzy party dresses. In addition to the bright, disarming colours it seems too grotesque and ridiculous. The disco epoch has remained far away from me, and, I suppose, it will never become my number one trend even if it was already claimed as an upcoming autumn-winter 2019 too. So sad.