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Innocence Is A Future Global Trend

While The World Is Ruled By Vulgarity, Excessive Sexuality and Kardashians, The Only Global Trend To Become A Universal Saviour Is An Innocence

What a curious job to be professional at – to predict future trends and suppose what we should expect in the nearest future, based on real facts and scientific discoveries. Futurologists are like seers, like all those people possessing supernatural abilities who unfold the veil of the future, which we all somehow would like to informed of. But, unlike those extrasensory individuals, magicians in the twelfth generation, wizards who still didn’t received their letter from Hogwarts and accidentally found out the third eye grown up on the forehead, futurologists make up their predictions with a cold calculation, clear numbers before their eyes and scientific facts, sometimes controversial, but mostly deserved to be considered. It’s not a fact that the majority of predictions get real, but we can’t disagree that sometimes it’s really curious to get to know how and what we will be eating in fifty years, and will our heads acquire built-in antennas for catching wireless WI-FI connection.

The fashion industry consists in its own future forecasters – those who are in charge for trends that will be highlighted in the nearest future, what we will be wearing and which direction the industry will be taking over in the next couple of years. But instead of astrological charts and zodiac signs in retrograde Mercury they got strict reposts and analytics of the companies’ financial achievements for a determined period of time; instead Tarot cards they value the history of fashion, which replays each year and proves its cyclicality; the third eye is all the news media and portals spotlighting world news, social moods, political affairs and discontent, order, social norms and movement changes, pop-culture, human relationship and fight for personal interests; in return of the crystal ball they continuously observe an ambience and tendencies in social media, analysing public’s preferences, desires, dreams and aspirations through a prism of the invoking content as photos, videos, texts and other possible forms of communication.

In precisely this way, based on the data received, carefully collected and studied from all sides, futurologist of the fashion business predict upcoming trends that will take over runways, our wardrobes, Instagram profiles and even consciousness.

We also may become the visionaries of the future trends – we just need to be more attentive and observant, respond to the environment and changes, analyse and understand what really happens around, at least for the sake of common development. Our theories might be erroneous, don’t match the reality, come a little bit closer to the truth, or accidentally appear to be the most accurate forecast in the world. But there is the one thing I’m undoubtedly sure: innocence is what we will crave for so desperately, as we crave for freshwater the morning after a stormy party.

And we do have a plentiful amount of reasons to be considered.

…the film that doesn’t contain the sex scenes or there is no naked woman in it, is already considered to be incomplete and doomed to failure.

Let’s be honest: sexuality isn’t already a knock-out concept. Those days already gone (it seems like the whole decade or two has passed away), when the whole world openly discussed and condemned too «frank» Cher’s gown from the Oscar ceremony in 1988, when all the «causal» body spots were hidden by light fringe, beads and rhinestones; the Rose McGowan’s scandalous «dress» (can’t even find a word to describe it as a dress) at VMA Awards of 1998 made out of shiny mesh, which didn’t even try to cover the naked breast and was claimed to become a «silent protest», an actress recently explained; or even that controversial Lil’ Kim’s red carpet appearance at MTV Music Awards in 1999, wearing asymmetrical one-piece overall-suit and revealing the one breast that was chastely covered with a matching nipple pastie. Now, in the twenty-first century, when the human body, especially the woman one, has ceased to be a mystery and forbidden fruit, all those similar appearances and manners of dressing are considered as a baby prattle compared to how much of the naked body we constantly observe every day.

In the century, when a notion of conscience and limits of permissible has ceased to have its paramount meaning, we desist to get surprised by a film episode in which we might necessarily see the main female character’s nipple, and the whole sex scene afterwards – it seems to be already taken for granted. And the film that doesn’t contain the sex scenes or there is no naked woman in it, is already considered to be incomplete and doomed to failure. Most of the modern children aren’t ashamed to watch movies meant for adults, meanwhile, their parents don’t even prevent them from observing the naked female body – this is just natural. What is natural isn’t ugly. I’m 23 and I’m still blushing, turning pale and aspiring to fall through the ground when I spend an evening with someone of my parents, and the sex scene accidentally pops up.

When the internet became a crucial part of our lives, the boundaries of availabilities have been erased finally and irrevocably. Social media are flooded with young ladies photos who are desperately in need of the common attention and unlimited adoration, posting pictures in lingerie and demonstrating large breasts (not always their natural one), thin waistline and round buttocks. Sometimes they shift their bodies so weird and contrive to take some absolutely unimaginable poses making ordinary people think these girls probably need an exorcist. Should it to be mentioned that these ladies’ principal audience is consisted in never sexually satisfied males, artificial beauty girlfriends leaving hypocritical comments and secretly envious, and personalities deprived of intelligence that find a certain connection between a semi-naked buttocks photo and Omar Khayyam quotation. And what an unrighteous paradox characterising this mad twenty-first century: Instagram profiles fulfilled with naked breasts and lace lingerie photos attract much more attention than a blog dedicated to books and literature or calligraphy art.

However, the tendency to be exposed exist already for a long time also beyond Instagram reality, if someone suddenly decides to accuse me of bias and unfair condemnation of girls who earn for life the way they can do it. Celebrities have long been among the first who spread an aggressive concept of sexuality by means of their stage costumes, vulgar photoshoots and provocative video-clips. It worth another significant mention that Hollywood beauties and top-models make their appearance on the red carpet in so revealing outfits, and if we possibly could compare their photos from glamorous events to the red carpet porn-stars shine at, surprisingly we may discover that the second category of famous people is dressed much more modest.

In the ‘90s and ‘00s, sex and naked body were a real sales engine. Provocation, risk, disturbance, embarrassment, dissatisfaction, rejection – advertising campaign of those decades evoked different kinds of emotions, provoked their audience, played with their feelings allowing to open up the veil and get inside their hidden desires which were supposed to be kept back in a decent society. In those times the concept of sexuality was different, had a completely particular meaning: it was created to underline a sensuous side of a woman, reveal her from another «angle», let her feel this feminine energy which wasn’t allowed to be expressed before. The sexuality of the ‘90s bordered on femininity helping it to bloom just like peony bud in the harshest conditions. Perhaps, that’s why the runways had witnessed the most desirable, beautiful and sensual supermodels’ era walking down for the famous shows and designers: Gianni Versace dedicated his gowns to Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista.

Gianni Versace and his muses

Once, in 2003, when Tom Ford was a Gucci creative director, launched the most provocative campaign of those times that evoked lots of discussions and complaints. He personally shaved Gucci logo on the model, Karmen Kass’s pubic hair, whereupon the photographer Mario Testino captured a male model put on his knees before her as a symbol of undeniable submission to a female being and his own instincts. Afterwards, the ad was officially banned.

When the same Tom Ford founded his eponymous label, provocation, nudity and sex tuned into his distinctive features used in marketing strategy and subsequent advertising. At first, a wave of discontent with Ford on his too intimate vision on the female body and on what fashion should be, reminded tsunami covered a decent society of fashionistas who weren’t ready to such frankness. But it didn’t pass a lot of time, and Tom Ford as designer and brand itself can’t be already imagined without some share of vulgarity and sexual playfulness, year by years stimulated by high sales, loyal fans and public recognition.

So, at what point a naked body once admired by geniuses of the Renaissance epoch and graced the canvases in Uffizzi gallery in Florence and statues in the squares of Rome, suddenly turned into not a beauty, but vulgarity and a commodity which majority sells for reaching their own well-being? Is it really Kim Kardashian to blame as she became thereby catalyst who raised a fashion wave on demonstration all your «precious» to the whole world? Is it a fault of those insta-ladies because of which a renouncement to send a photo in lingerie to a stranger is perceive so aggressively and leads to insults and excessive modesty allegations? Or there is a bad celebrity influence to mention, for whom an open body had become a part of the public image, which isn’t ready to be given up in the meantime? Why fashion obeys all these empty images promoting them to masses and considering as something normal?

Luckily, we may observe a tendency gradually shifting towards global changes. The past Autumn/Winter 2020 fashion week launched a new direction and designers’ ideas. Runways were ruled by French bourgeois and some kind of unexpected modesty which didn’t appear to be observed in the latest seasons. Mocking sexuality stepped aside giving way to femininity and chastity. Models walked down the runway dressed in layers of garments hiding their hands, legs and necks; an abundance of over the knee boots with an absence of a naked skin, restrained midi-dresses whipped in wide belts – for an upcoming fall season designers relied on comfort and confidence for every woman aspiring to look beautiful yet not defiant.

Even the fan of the dirty grange romance, Hedi Slimane, who entered the role of creative director at Celine after permanent Phoebe Philo retirement, had to deal with public and critic’s dissatisfaction on his debut collection for a French brand. According to them, to the opinion of Celine fans and fashionistas, the collection became too «hedislimane» and too Saint Laurent – excessively sexy, obscene and explicit, unworthy to take place inside the real Celine-girl wardrobe. The second collection grew into an ode to typical French bourgeois and unpretentiousness. It didn’t only express the old spirit of Celine of the ‘70s but became an instance of the concept of how fashion of the nearest future should look like: intellectual, lovely, innocent and comfortable.

It would be fair enough to add that the motivation of a sudden fashion boom on femininity found its roots at rapidly developing feminism movement and fight for women rights and empowerment; and, probably, this is partially true. Women are tired of being constantly sexualised, becoming an object of male lust with no respect to her own desires and personally herself. When males see a picture of sheer nudity encouraged by society, internet and fashion, their now and only desire is to take – if it’s globally widespread, then, probably, this is so easily accessible. Though, an assumption is 95% wrong.

Somehow or other, we all: society, fashion industry, show business, even our consciousness need big changes. Global. Overall. Isn’t it disgusting to realise your own daughter exhibits her body in lingerie or even naked to the public, considering it as a norm? Aren’t we fed up to follow the concept of sex constantly promoted by all possible communication channels, that turned into a meaning of life and primal instinct, eclipsing a morality and a tiny fraction of conscience? How long these stupid dolls will gather millions of likes by the next photo of their breasts and evoke perverts’ vulgar thoughts, whose one and the only woman is a right hand (or a left one, if he is a left-hander)?

Innocence is what really the drown in its own vices world needs. Not a complete rejection of mini-skirts and cleavage, and not a lifelong vow to become a nun in the distant nunnery, but temperance and primarily self-respect and respect to your body. Not a creativity and eccentricity ban on the runway, but a deliberate combination of what is allowed and what isn’t too much in 80/20 proportion. Not turning yourself into an abode of modesty and chastity, but acquisition of awareness and desire to leave this world with a playful hint of mystery about yourself and your body – there is no much more desired and sexy than in covered by beautiful clothes figure, which evokes more interest and unrest rather than excessively exposed body areas.

After all, how desperately desirable the secret is when it’s hidden behind seven seals. Or, am I too old-school?