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Hermés’ Craftsmanship in Rome

After Travelling Around 43 Countries, Hermés Stops in Rome With Its Craftsmanship Exhibition

A long time ago Hermés’ painted scarves became one of the most distinguished pieces of the brand’s legacy on a par with the iconic Birkin bag, and are mentioned in lots of standard lists of «What every fashionista should have in their wardrobe» or «The most desirable accessories of every self-respecting woman» (I would impose everyone, who writes this lists, on a stake, tbh). No wonder that they were kept inside the Miranda Priestly’s working wardrobe in the not less iconic movie «The Devil Wears Prada», and we do remember how godlessly she had lost them throughout the entire film, wondering where had they gone and why Hermés hadn’t sent them again.

“Hermès Dietro Le Quinte” in Rome

Anyway, making of every scarf is a true masterpiece and celebration of the craftsmanship blended with technology power and innovative approaches. And Hermés is ready to share its secrets with everyone who is interested in artisan making who is just curious how iconic fashion pieces are made. By the way, I’m not talking only about scarves.

After a continuous travelling all around the world, the Hermés exhibition took over the Museum of Art Pacis in Rome. «Hermés at Work», dubbed «Hermés Dietro le Quiente [Behind the Scenes]» opens on March 16 in Italian capital continuing to support the luxury house’s ongoing effort to introduce its artisans to the public. Take a note, the Hermés counts more than 4,500 craftspeople out of a total of 13,700 employees worldwide (can you imagine?).

“Hermès Dietro Le Quinte” in Rome

The court is spread over 10,764 square feet, so the the presentation will allow its visitor to discover, meet and interact with artisans from 10 different discipline while they work meaning that everyone can see in real-time how every luxury brand’s signature leather bags, gloves, scarves, and any others accessories are produced from the scratch to the ready high-end product.

Also visitors can expect the live demonstration of the silk engraving and silk rolling that distinguish these famous Hermés silk scarves mentioned above, as well as of gem setting, watchmaking and hand-painting of the well-known brand’s porcelain. In addition, in order to entertain its visitors, thanks to a virtual reality, there will be an ability to take in a 360—degree film about the master glassmakers and cutters of the Saint-Louis crystal works, which were founded and acquired by Hermés in 1989.

Innovation, craftsmanship and transmission of know-how will be discussed during the roundtable conferences and hosted throughout the week-long event, which will be open and free to the public.