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Gosha Rubchinskiy is Under Fire

The Russian Designer Gosha Rubchinskiy May Get Under Fire Due to His New Lookbook

Gosha Rubchinskiy, designer

What’s Happend?

It seems that the launch of the new Gosha Rubchinkiy’s collection threatens to start with a scandal. Accused of pedophilia and «inappropriate behaviour» in December 2018, due to revealing the screenshots of the intimate character by a 16-years-old teenager Jan Silfverling who communicated with Rubchinskiy via WattsUp and video chat; now Rubchinskiy fell under charges again, this time for a reason of his lookbook campaign dedicated to the new Gosha’s brand named GR-Uniforma.

One of the most influential and famous in fashion society Instagram bloggers – Diet Prada –published a new post in December 8, 2018, applying some screenshots of the conversation between Rubchinskiy and the under age 16-years-old called himself Jan Silfverling, with a piquant content where the designer asked the teenager to take photos of himself in the bathroom. Diet Prada took Russian designer under the charge of paedophilia by submitting in detail the incriminating «proves» (teenagers’ screenshots) of Gosha’s blame and involvement to an assumed crime. The «aggrieved party» Silfverling confessed that he shared this chat in the social media in order to make others know that trusting Rubchinskiy may be kinda risky.

Diet Prada post from December 8, 2018

When the Hypebeast media contacted Gosha’s team and asked them to comment everything that happened, the justifying of Rubchinckiy’s action appeared to be more expected than it seemed before: the chat was real and was held only as a casting process. The teenager was supposed to become a potential male model for an upcoming lookbook photoshoot, and Rubchinskiy tried to get his pictures only to subsequently transmit them to his team for a further candidate consideration. It is noteworthy that Rubchinckiy tries to emphasise youths and out-of -fashion-standards beauty in his fashion shows and photo shoots, casting only young models with atypical appearance and negligible modelling experience. Mostly, such underage models accept to work with Rubchinskiy only for clothes they could be gifted to them after work instead of paying real money. The street fashion star Rubchinskiy is a number one of the teenage bucket list, whose garments became an obsession and caused a desire to possess, but due to high cost of each piece they can’t even afford it, so working for him for clothes appeared to be a great alternative to get hold of desirable clothes.

The Reason to Blame For

Anyway, a new scandal again may flare up because of the models. The lookbook of the first GR-Unifroma collection was launched this week and attracted the attention of the same sagacious Diet Prada. Referring to the recently released film dedicated to Michael Jackson and called «Leaving Neverland», she posted in her stories a screenshot of the GR-Uniforma Instagram page and lookbook models’ pictures mentioning her post about Gosha from December 2018, and asked a really burning question: are those models above 18? Indeed, when you look at these pictures and see young male models staring at you with an innocent sight, unwittingly you ask yourself the same question: they look too young, with the teenage traits still, they remind more underage boys rather than almost fully formed young men dressed in ludicrous costumes resembling a worker’s uniform in a factory. Perhaps, it’s still a part of the Gosha’s «strategy» to implement young models into his philosophy, but this time it was a bad decision to follow.

Will society pay attention to it, or not – it’s just a matter of time, but sparks have already started to flare, and there is not far to the big fire where witches of the Middle Ages used to be burned. If the Rubchiskiy’s fault will be proved, his reputation will meet its end, and celebrities who once wore his garments, one after another will post photos of themselves in Gosha’s clothes and regret how wrong they were about him and how nasty it is for them to remember that time. Now it’s just an imagination of inflamed fantasy, but we do live in a modern world where we can precisely predict the society and public figure’s reaction and their subsequent actions due to which Rubchinskiy can end up as John Galliano who was despised by fashion society in past 2011. Will it happen – we’ ll see, but to be honest, I won’t be so surprised, if everything develops exactly this way.

GR-Uniforma Lookbook