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Citron – Jacquemus New Project

Simone Porte Jacquemus Opened a New Café and It’s More Instagrammable You’d Expect

“Je m’appelle simon, j’aime le bleu et le blanc, les rayures, les fruits, marseille et les annees 80,” this is how I started my journey to a French conceptual fashion led by emergent and very young talent under a caring Comme des Garçons wing. For the first time, his designer seemed to be too weird for me who was spoiled by chic and snobbery of the high-end luxury brands. But when I started digging deeper and deeper, discovering his thoughts, memories, inspiration, muses and aspirations, I realised it was a love from a second sight.

Now Simon Porte Jacquemus is 29 and he is the central figure of the updated French fashion and lifestyle wave. He’s not a boy I had learnt many things and stories about, he became much more commercial than he was before, putting aside his concept he had been following in his early years – a story in front of clothes. It’s not a bad thing – it means Jacquemus is growing and developing from season to season, his audience is expanding, he’s a new face of the French fashion generation, whilst his garments and accessories become iconic and more recognisable. A tiny bag named Chiquito that might suit on your palm and contain only a leftover of someone’s conscience is a total must-have every fashion junkey is craving for.

“Make France cool again” – might be a new slogan Jacquemus represents throughout his French countryside-chic collections, journeys around the Southern France and loud parties with his close friends to the ’90s music hits.

On March 28, in the corner of the new concept store Galeries Lafayette in the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, he opened his own cafe Citron along with a famous and most beloved among celebrities Parisian restaurant Caviar Kaspia. The news about Jacuemus opening a cafe was spread within Instagram two days right before a solemn day of the official launch. Following the announcement of Jacquemus himself promoting a new project, magazines and online media – from Vogue to Independent – articles started flowing with an enormous amount and loud headlines, but, certainly, the epicentre of the overall rush was concentrated in social media. Where you could also take a sneak peek of the launch party organised only for the closest friend and loyal fans.

Following the trend of developing and projecting “the Instagram-worthy” interior designs for restaurants and bars, Citron is a pure embodiment of the place that worth to take pictures in almost from every corner, in every angle and with Instagram-tasty food that deserves a separate mention. Decorations are thought out to the smallest detail: lemon trees inside the clay pots, wicker chairs, a lot of light, pastel tones, and, certainly, fresh lemons on each table. The interior itself reminds us of the cosy countryside restaurant somewhere in Greece or in the South of France where Jacquemus used to spend his summer day in childhood. Generally speaking, Jacquemus took in control the most responsible role of the director of Provance in Paris, aiming to bring us to sunny mellow days inside an overcrowded, grey and stressful big city life.

Jacquemus opened his cafe in a partnership with Ramon Mac-Crohon from Cavia Kaspia (that’s why you may surprisingly notice caviar hidden in Citron menu list). Many significant French names are responsible for food and desserts: i particular, the old Parisian confectionary Stoher supplies desserts, the chocolate is made by A La Mère Famille, fresh groceries are brought by Les Vergers Eustache, meanwhile the symbol of the cafe Citron – a dessert lemon with a chamomile – was invented by celebrity confectioner of Le Meurice, Cedric Grolet.

But if you want to experience a carefree atmosphere of South France and imaginary singing of cicadas, you better save your money before going to Citron. Why? The price range might make you consider you’re not hungry at all: €10 for a baguette half with Nutella (really?) and €25 for the main dish of the cafe mentioned earlier – lemon dessert. Does the price stop loyal Jacquemus fans and inveterate fashionistas? Don’t think so – a queue lines up since the opening, and if you decide to pay a visit during the weekend – you better have patience. It seems like the whole of Paris is concentrated in Citron, at least you may find everyone starting from tourists and dreamy high school students who prefer to share a dessert for two, to bloggers and desperate fashion-mongers.

When life gives you lemons, make Citron.