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Choupette Lagerfeld Launched a Line

Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Chouppet Launched #RIPDaddy Clothing Line

It’s been a while since Karl Lagerfeld suddenly deceased making a whole society worry about his death and forcing us to mourn of his passing yet, remembering the legacy he left and summarising everything he has done for fashion; his cat, a charming Choupette, a possible heir-to-be of Lagerfeld’s extreme wealth – that, in general, didn’t happen – found another way to improve her financial hardship. Yes, she’s mourning too. But it doesn’t prevent «her» from the launching of her own limited edition collection of mugs, t-shirts, hoodies and iPhone cases.

Choupette, or, to be more precise, carefully created image in the social media behind a team of professionals, has a serious army of fans following her Instagram and reading a «personal» blog. #RIPDaddy collection (what a vulgar, disrespectful mention) is available on official merch site. As a press release explains, “While this has been a heartbreaking time, the Choupette’s Diary fans, followers, and fashion folk have filled her with love and support for which she will be eternally grateful. With this love and support, it has given her strength to put her best paw forward and launch a commemorative #RIPDaddy collection.”

Source: Choupette’s Diary

Collection of clothes and accessories is illustrated by Monica Smiley, the one who created Choupette’s Diary logo. Once carefree Choupette, now she wears a veil, along with Karl’s signature necktie and dark sunglasses.

The press release also obscurely points out that a “select portion” of proceeds will be donated to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in California, which make this situation less disgusting as it seems.

So, Daddy must be proud, nah?