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Instagram of The Week: Melis Ekrem

Simplicity and Chic – How Popular Instagram Blogger Melis Ekrem Makes It on Point

Instagram has become a real hearth for fashion bloggers of all kinds, ages, genders and nationalities, who declared themselves as compelling style icons whose opinion must be considered as relevant and respected. Now, every second pretty girl being able to mix a set of clothes into something relatively decent contemplates herself as a fashion blogger who’s able to establish new street style trends and turn into a new Chiara Ferragni that, unfortunately (or, luckily), will never happen again. Finding someone who is really worthy to pay attention to, exemplary and have a comprehension of what style and good sense are, is kinda complicated but feasible – scrolling down Instagram to reveal the perfect is fascinatingly and funny.

The first thing you appreciate in person is her own style, her manners, the way this person represents him- or herself throughout clothes and accessories. We need this sweet zest defining and distinguishing from others; only by having all these qualities, a potential fashion blogger transforms it into her/his clothes and outfits that make her/him splendid and unforgettable. As it was once said – the devil in the details, and it makes sense when it comes to being an influencer for a lot of people following you.

Source: melisekrem

Melis Ekrem is a London based fashion blogger who became Instagram famous thanks to the refined looks she constantly shares with her fans. Now Melis has more than 100k followers admiring her style and the way she represents herself.

Her taste in clothes is simple yet sophisticated, polished and elegant. Mostly, Melis chooses basic garments such as cosy sweaters, white shirts, classy and delicate dresses and suits, but she isn’t afraid to play with patterns such as classic and not only check, animal and polka dot prints, and printed white t-shirts. The colour palette is fairly calm and minimalistic: black, white, beige, brown, grey, sometimes mixed with red and mustard yellow. Blending with statement accessories, especially handbags which she owns a lot, Melis creates unforgettable and sleek outfits, out of crazy current fashion trends, yet beautiful and mesmerising.

Here’s a selection of some of her recent and the most likeable outfits you can easily repeat. Choose your favourite, get inspired, fill in your shopping list and go hitting Instagram!