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Beauty Report: Hair Trends of SS’19

Beautiful Hair Trends We All Will Be Following This Spring. And Summer Too

Summertime is not for sadness (sorry Lana), moreover, it’s time for bold experiments, radiant colours and statement accessories. For spring-summer season designers and hairstylist weren’t afraid to play with forms, shapes and colours creating a mini-size paradise gardens (Dolce & Gabbana), twisting into tight knots (Ulla Johnson), sprinkles hair with sparkles (Giambattista Valli) and didn’t pass by large headbands speaking for themselves and stand out as an important complement of the whole look.

With a return of femininity and women empowerment paved the way for girlish and princessy designs. You won’t see any heavy embellishments – colourful flowers, romantic waves and playful bows rule the ball turning you into a fairy of the modern reality.

1. Plaits

Braids are the true love of every girl. Throughout many seasons designers interpret them in million ways, but the statement is – fishtail, French, Dutch, or any other, intricate braids are on top. Experiment with styles, wear them in the office, during leisure time or for a beach – you will look fabulous.

2. Headbands

They were forgotten and listed as «out», but now headbands are officially back again (and now may observe a circulation of fashion trends). Designers presented a wide range of every colour, form and structure: wanna look sleek and girly like Alice from Wonderland – pay attention to Miu Miu tender bows, Prada gave us total drama vibes that make you stand out. And it’s impossible not to mention Simone Rocha as an explosion of colour and texture: decorated with colourful beads, jewels, and feathers they’re a pure embodiment of glamour and sophistication.

3. Knots

High and low, strong and mild – knots may become the next bun replacement. Don’t forget to apply glossy serum for maximum shine and day-long impact.

4. Headwraps and scarves

Wrapping your head with a vibrant silk scarf not only make you the most stylish within your fashionable girl squad but also can help you to hide a little bad hair day if you don’t have time to reanimate it. To get extra points coordinate a headwear to an eyeshadow as at Missoni. Big or bold earrings complement your hidden-away-style game and turn you into a princess from 1001 Nights.

5. In bloom

No need to grow a whole garden on the head in order to stay tuned with the latest trend. Blooming petals look lovely and romantic, and remind us of the times of childhood when we used to weave a wreath and bring it to a mother. Use flower headband to wrap all over your head or just add a little extra behind your ear –refreshing and flourishing look guaranteed.

6. Natural waves

Waves, not curls – this is the main point of every summer day and night look as if you have just left a beach, but more in more chic attire. Wear it everywhere: at work, in university, for a bar meeting with friends, and especially on a date – he will be stunned.

7. Out-of-usual accessories

Accessories that may speak louder than words – it’s a total must-have for everyone who wants to stand out. Words, phrases, logo, butterflies and birds, marble-style and made of pearls, inlaid with rhinestones and glittered – the scope is vast, and don’t be shy to experiment with a variety of designs.

8. Unicorn hair

Becoming a fairy-tale creature has never been so appropriate as during the spring-summer season. Pastel colours of a cotton candy pink, lilac, blue, green and orange give an opportunity to change a hair colour suitable for every mood. Sprinkle it with glitter powder, and status of the urban elf is a warrant.