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All The Best Campaigns of SS 2019

Diversity, Video Games and Old Hollywood – The Best Advertising Campaigns of The SS 2019

Changes. Changes are everywhere especially in the fashion industry that wants to run ahead of the rest. In the era of fast-developing digital technologies, platforms, and social media, fashion brands switch from traditional forms of advertising campaigns production and try to find unusual approaches to adopt in order to attract the new audience but still maintaining its loyal one. The time when we were flipping through pages of the prints admiring beautiful pictures of advertising campaigns of Dior or Fendi, were getting annoyed when there were too many of them, when that pages seemed to be essentially infinite because of which we weren’t able to shift to the main content of magazine, has already passed. Unfortunately, an epoch of printed magazines comes to its end (it was an amazing time, tbh), and advertising publications on magazine spreads turn into an atavism and a sign of bad taste.

Big companies which could afford to spend millions of the allocated budget on publications in such giants as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaars, L’Officiel, and other; which still can afford to rent banner on Times Square or air time on TV channel, don’t find any benefit of the conventional advertising – this is just a waste of money. Young and emerging brands who keep up with the times, and brands aimed at a young audience, perfectly possess all the possibilities and power of social media; meanwhile those who aren’t convinced to pursue brilliance and chic, shoot minimalistic lookbooks (by the way, a major part of brands producing pre-fall and cruise collections do this thing). Fashionable and progressive label with a powerful visual component and refreshed sight towards future – this is what many companies try to become in attempts of attracting its new, young audience without losing the old one at the same time. Recruiting budding and talented photographers in campaign creation, brands set their own strict guidelines adjusting to established standards that lead to discrepancies with the accustomed photographer’s style in the final result, making him lose its personality. Meanwhile, a picture turns out to be all the same as 10 years ago ready to hit the next Elle magazine spreads.

But, luckily, progress is already coming with its tiny steps, and young, fresh blood gradually takes over a difficult world of advertising photography. Meanwhile, we altogether admire campaign that will please us during spring-summer season.

Video games

Old Hollywood

The ’90s



MSGM, Sharna Osborne



Creative set