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A Great Revival of Vogue Greece

Vogue Greece Starts a New Chapter of Fashion History.

Back in 2012 (that already seem too distant), Vogue Hellas ceased to exist after Liberis Publications – publisher issuing magazine since 2000 – being declared as an utterly bankrupt. April 2019 is highlighted as a new page of the fashion history – since this month Vogue Greece officially comes to life – not a relaunch and a continuation of the sunk into oblivion Vogue Hellas, but an ultimately different project with its new strategy, team, audience and influence channels. While the previous Vogue was very print-focused, as Karina Dobrotvorskaya, executive director of editorial development at Condé Nast International, promises, a new magazine will be oriented on a different generation who isn’t already interested in the printed magazine.

“We want to create a multimedia brand – not just a magazine, but a social force with a lot of conferences and events,” said editor-in-chief Thaleia Karafyllidou.

With the prevailing pressure and the rapid development of technologies and digital media, invest budget in prints – a step of negligence and not so reasonable. Magazines, the way we knew them before and the influence of which we were guided some years earlier, gradually losing its ground, turning into a collectable instead of being an important source of author columns reading and new trends orientation, which we may already discover the day after fashion week ended – just open every site dedicated to fashion.

In Greece that is still going through a severe financial crisis, but little by little successfully on the way to getting out of it, investing in the development of such a powerful giant as Vogue may presumably be a dubious action, but very promising at the same time. If the editor-in-chief will really focus on the development of the digital direction of the magazine – apparently it may cause a success. Nowadays, reading something made of paper whether it’s a magazine, a newspaper or a book, is progressively becoming an atavism of the modern society, and if the new generation dictates its own rules – it will be very challenging not to obey, even if you’re Condé Nast and Vogue. If you don’t do it – others will.

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